An early inspiration to write came from my sixth grade English teacher when I turned a simple assignment into a short story, worthy of her praise and admiration.

As I wary adult, I pull strong characters from of the wells of grief when tragedy shakes their faith in existence. From adversity comes strength, and a foundation built from an honest and loving relationship does bear fruit. Does love at first site find a happy ending? You bet! But play the game with an unfaithful heart, and the verdict is checkmate... game over. You lose. The choice is yours. 

A strict code of ethics drives the story arcs for my characters, and the strength of a good moral premise hammers out the plot and the moment of saving grace. Please review my Current Work and Future Projects.

I hope you enjoy my fictional stories.  Glenn Bowman 

Glenn Bowman  - Author and Writer

Modern Adult Fiction: Romance, Thrillers, Adventure, and Mysteries.

Welcome to my intriguing world of Fiction Writing