Glenn Bowman  - Author and Writer

Modern Adult Fiction: Romance,  Adventure, and Mystey.

Stained Glass

An artisan and a model find unexpected love is the road to success.

A romantic short story   conceived in 2013.

The Four Way Stop:

The paths cross and love blossoms for a pair of car nuts suffering from lost love.
Published locally in 2016

A Romantic Novella published locally in 2016.

The Benevolent B-17:

A missionary in an old bomber thwarts a drug shipment.

A fictional story conceived 1995.

Future Projects

Life at the Tank Farm:

A bank robber finds a safe hide out in a small Oklahoma town until a catcher's throw to second base tags him out.

A short story conceived in 1999.

SOS at Castle Ridge:

A rare Morse Code message saves the lives of two missing Boy Scouts.

A short story conceived in 2014.