Glenn Bowman  - Author and Writer

Modern Adult Fiction: Romance,  Adventure, and Mystey.


Love is a conflicting two-way street between a woman addicted to sex and a successful workaholic. Only an old horse on an abandoned farm calms the cravings of both personalities.



Young and old find each other and discover how love and compassion fulfills their dreams.

A complete novel. Copyright 2015 pending final release and publication.

Current Work

The Face in the Crowd: Find Her, Before I Die.

Entwining characters prove love triumphs over evil.

Published Nov. 2018. Click on the Contact Me tab to purchase this book.

Tell Me The Reasons:

A tow truck driver and a nurse raising two children forge a new life beginning on Christmas based on honesty and sound values while a pair of dangerous con artists threaten their lives and steal their financial existence. 


Follow this seductive woman to bed and you're dead. The tangled plot of a far-reaching cartel satisfies only one man.

Published locally as a short story in 2016.